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Decorate in Blue by Tuskes Homes

Categories: Blog | Posted: July 24, 2012

Got the blues? Lighten up your mood and the feel of your home with some decorating tips from Tuskes Homes on America’s favorite color, Blue! It was determined last year in a color survey spanning 30 countries that Blue was not only America’s favorites color but universally the favorite color of many other nations globally. It also came in first for the least disliked color as well. So, it is no wonder that 42% of men and 30% of women call it their favorite which makes it a great color to decorate with when trying to compromise on different design styles in your home. It’s not just for your beach house or boys room anymore. Get inspired by blue and use this versatile color to breathe some new life into your home.


The shades of blue are many and different shades invoke different feelings and responses out of people. Besides white and neutrals it is the second easiest color to use in your home whether it be to paint a whole wall or just use it for pops of color. This perennially favorite is right at home all over your house and can be used from the living room to the bedroom and even the kitchen. Here is the low down on some of the many shades of blue and how to incorporate them into your décor!


Light Blues – Seen as innocent, calming, soothing and relaxing. Often this shade of blue reminds many people of the ocean and it’s a great color to be used in nurseries and bedrooms. It is even said that this shade of blue can create a chemical response in us that soothes and calms us. Mix it with white for that calm beachy feel.

Navy Blues – Are seen as stately and consider a modern neutral because it is clean, crisp and always a classic. It is a great color to anchor rooms and create a sense of stability. The darkest shades of blue are best for accessories or accents. Use a bold dark shade for throws, pillows and even draperies.

Bright Blue – Playful and fun and great for painting kids bedrooms or playrooms or as accents throughout the house. If you are not ready to commit to that much color use it in picture frames, vases and lamp bases. Paired with orange it can be a fun and funky but sophisticated and modern look.

Blues with Gray Tones – Seen as classic and refined. Mix it with mirrors and metals for that old Hollywood glamorous look. It is also a great soothing color that could be used in any room in the house.

Robins Egg Blue – Confident, classic and always a popular color. If it has worked for a certain popular jewelry store for years it will look great and sophisticated in your home. Use it in wallpapers, pillows and accent pieces with browns for the look of relaxed sophistication.

Warm blues like denim, slate and ocean blue are great for social spaces like living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens. Cool blues like turquoise and cobalt are great for making a smaller space seem larger and encourage calmness which lends itself to rooms like a bedroom and home office. Cool blues are often used in home offices and businesses because certain shades of blue are good for creating focus. All shades are very versatile and work well with white, brown, tans, greens and gray but limit the use of three shades of blue per room so that the room is not oversaturated with color.

We hope this little primer on the color blue helped and inspired you to use it in your own home. Still don’t know where to start? Check out this cool tool called “Lets Chip It”  from Sherwin Williams that allows you to take a photo and match it to paint swatches and a color palette just for you! Pretty cool!

Stayed tuned for more decorating and design trends in monthly from Tuskes Homes!

Happy 4th of July from Tuskes Homes!

Categories: Blog | Posted: July 3, 2012

Fourth of July is always a fun holiday that celebrates summer and the birthday of our country’s independence.  This All American holiday is always marked by parades, fireworks and backyard barbeques throughout the country.

Check out these fun facts about these All American favorite picnic foods:

Did you know that:

  • July 4th is the biggest hot dog day of the year.  There is a 1 in 3 chance that the hotdog you will eat will come from Iowa.  The Hawkeye state is home to 19.7 million hogs and pigs representing over 1/3 of the nations estimated total.  More hot dogs are eaten in July than any other month of the year.
  • Chances are good that the beef hotdogs, steaks and burgers that you are cooking up on your grill will be coming from the Lone Star State.  That represents 7.2  billion pounds!!
  • If you plan on barbequing chicken there is a good probability that it will be coming from Georgia, Arkansas, North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi or Texas.
  • For the ever popular potato salad or potato chips over half of the nation’s spuds will be coming from Idaho or Washington.
  • When it comes to condiments, California is king.  96% of the nation’s ketchup is produced there.
  • 861 million pounds of watermelon are grown in just the state of Florida each year.

If all of these facts have left you hungry and excited to fire up your grill this 4th of July don’t forget safety first!  Enjoy and check out these useful grilling and food safety tips from the USDA.  

Here at Tuskes Homes we are thankful for our forefathers and cherish the independence and freedom that they fought so hard to give us.  Have fun, have a hot dog and light a sparkler or two but please have a safe 4th of July!  Happy Birthday America!

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