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5 Tips For Buying Your New Home

Categories: Blog | Posted: February 27, 2014

Buying Your New HomeYou’ve saved up your down payment, and your eager to start searching for your first home. What now? There are a few more things that you, the first time homebuyer, can do to prepare for your upcoming journey.

Calculate your total homeownership cost- Be sure to factor in any and ALL cost associated with your home. This can include homeowners association fees, home insurance, etc. This will allow you to set a more accurate budget, as well as target your ideal home price. Fannie Mae recommends you do not spend more than 28% of your income on your home.

Budget- If you don’t already have a household budget set, it would be a good idea to start one prior to moving into your home. This will keep your spending habits in check, and allows for easier saving. Be sure to factor in variables such as gas and parking if you will be commuting to work.

Save More- Now that you’ve gotten into the habit of saving in order to get your down payment, it isn’t time to start now. Keep you the good work! Having a cushion for unexpected expenses come in rather handy as a homeowner.  While you may not need it anytime soon, you can feel at ease knowing that it is there when you do.

Determine needs and wants- Make 2 lists, one of things that are a necessity in your new home and the other of things you would like but are not necessity. Bringing this list to your builder, will help them determine the solution for building your dream home.

Contact us!- Contact us at Tuskes Homes and we will navigate you through the homeownership process from beginning to end, so that you end up with the home of your dreams for you and your family.


Spring Into a Stress Free Home

Categories: Blog | Posted: February 20, 2014

SpringSpring is here, and many find this the perfect time of year to clean house. Your home is meant to be a place for you to relieve stress and decompress at the end of the day. Is your home feeling fresh and breezy?? If not, below are a few tips to help you out.

Organization is key: The change of a season is always a great reminder to get rid of clutter. Winter, especially, can bring lots of clutter into the home. If you are like most you say “If only I had the time!” Worry not. This does not need to be an entire weekend event. In fact, setting aside just 10 minutes each day to pick a room in your house and reduce clutter will prove to be a stress free way to tackle the task.

Add some green to your environment: Plants are a great way to reduce stress. It is actually proven that plants help to reduce blood pressure! If you missed out on the “green thumb” gene, worry not. There are plenty of very easy, low maintenance plants that are quite manageable. Check with your local greenery for recommendations on these plants targeted for your specific region.

Switch it up a bit: Inexpensive light dimmer switches and the use of lamps can help you switch from bright lightening to a more serene dim light at the end of the day when it’s time to wind down. This helps your body to jump into relaxation mode and unwind at the end of the day.

Freshen up a bit: It’s a proven fact that different aromas effect your body in different ways. Be sure to fill your house with an aroma that is both warm, inviting, and relaxing. While the smell should fit your preference, it’s a nice idea to choose something that isn’t to harsh or overwhelming to the senses for those that you live with, or who visit your home. Many times, if a sent is too strong it can have the exact opposite effect of soothing you!

Preparing For Your New Home Search

Categories: Blog | Posted: February 13, 2014

Preparing For Your New Home SearchA home is the largest investment most people will make in their lifetime. It’s important to choose not only the right home, but the right builder to walk you through the process as well. Tuskes Homes want’s to make sure your homebuying experience is as smooth and efficient, so that you and your family can kickback and enjoy your new home!

Step 1 – The online search: At Tuskes, we understand that your search begins online. In fact since 90% of home searches start on the Internet, it is our responsibility to provide you with the information and resources you need to first identify with our community and begin to envision the possibilities. From floor plans, pictures, and virtual tours as well as an easy to navigate website, we provide the resources you need at the beginning stage of your research.

Step 2 –Question And Answer: Once we’ve caught your attention with home styles and communities to choose from, we know the next thing you want to do is fire off questions via email, facebook or twitter. Or you may even want to pick up the phone and talk with someone. It’s important that we provide you with an individual dedicated to answering your questions in a quick and thorough manner.

By being aware of what each homebuyer is working toward we can gauge customer service accordingly. With a through knowledge base as well as resources to loan officers, school data, and community information you can gain a lot of insight before scheduling your trip to the area.

Step 3 – Visiting the Community: After all the questions and details that can be answered over the phone and online have been attended to, the next step is to schedule a visit the community in person. By setting an appointment and taking a VIP tour you get to see first hand, in three dimensional real time, whether you can envision yourself living in the home, the community, and the neighborhood.

You can explore the models, and the options in a more hands on interactive way with one of our dedicated professionals who can answer all the little details that never occurred to you during your online search.

By progressing through each of these 3 steps you will gain all the knowledge, information and insight you need to make an informed decision on the path to happy home ownership. We’d love to be your guide on that journey! Contact Us today.

What you should know about Winter Moving

Categories: Blog | Posted: February 6, 2014

Winter movingMoving in the winter certainly has its perks! Moving companies generally have their lowest rates in the winter, not to mention increased availability. It’s also a great time of year to break in your new home with family dinners and gatherings! There is one thing, however, that might have you biting your nails preparing for your winter move: the weather! Worry not! Tuskes Homes want’s to make sure you and your family make the move to your new home safely, comfortably, and with little headache.

Read below for a few tips to make your winter move smooth:

Prepare your Vehicle-

One of the most important precautions to take when moving anytime of the year, but even more so in the winter, is to ensure your vehicle is prepared for the trip. Be sure to have your car serviced and all of your fluids check prior to your move. If you are going to be making your move over rocky terrains, it’s a great idea to consider adding chains to your vehicles tires for increased traction.

In addition to regular servicing, you’ll also want to be sure to replace your windshield wipers. Whether you are moving or not, the winter is also an important time to check your car’s emergency kit and make sure that it is properly stocked.  You should have a shovel, ice scraper, and extra windshield wiper fluid handy.

Supplies to consider-

The last thing you want to see on the brand new carpet of your new home is dirt, sludge, and footprints tracked in from the elements. Before moving items into your new home, consider laying a sheet of plastic and/or broken down cardboard boxes in your homes main entrance (this is probably a good idea for both your old home and new home).

Be sure to keep warm clothing on hand, and plenty of it! Extra gloves, scarfs, hats and jackets will come in handy in the event that it decides to rain or snow on your moving day. Being cold and wet while moving your belongings is a sure way to make you, and your moving help very cranky!


One would naturally think to provide water for movers, friends and family if you were moving in the scorching heat. In the winter, it’s a good idea to compliment this with warm snacks and beverages such as hot tea, cocoa, and coffee as well. You may want to set aside a box full of kitchen essentials, in case you feel the need to whip up a batch of chili or soup as well.

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