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2015 Home Interior Paint Color Trends

Categories: Blog | Posted: August 27, 2015

Overhead view of home painting equipment brush, roller, tray and paint pot

One of the quickest, easiest, and most affordable makeovers in your home is a can of paint. One gallon can make a big difference in the look and feel of any room. Go from dull to daring, or tone down a prior adventure into boldness.

The popularity of paint colors changes from year to year, as evidenced in the home fashions you see in the stores and online. Fashion runways aren’t the only place where color trends emerge. Home decorating is influenced by designers and manufacturers, the driving force behind the paint colors you choose.

What’s trending right now? Here are some of the home interior paint color trends for 2015.

50 Shades of Gray—and we don’t mean the book. Gray is the most popular color for interior walls this year. Gray is neutral enough to complement any room, but the range of gray shades are so diverse that the choice can still make an impact—from a soft dove gray to a warmer hue that leans toward brown and all the way to gunmetal and charcoal.

Gray can go from warm to cool, and the tones can seem to shift according to pairings with home furnishings and décor. According to the Paint Quality Institute, “Grays that contain traces of warm hues like red, yellow, or brown seem cozier, and partner best with warm companion colors. On the other hand, grays that have hints of blue or green seem color and more austere, so they are inherently compatible with colors on the cooler side of the spectrum.

Fruitful Choices—Orange and olive are two home interior paint colors plucked for perfection by today’s leading decorators. “I saw a palette of 60s colors on the 2015 runways that was exciting—shades like olive and orange are being given new life,” said Alexandra Kaehler.

Orange can go from sunny and golden to deep rust, giving the homeowner a wide range of choices that can suit any décor. Olive adds a rich, warm backdrop to any room, and pairs beautifully with a diverse array of accent colors.

Feeling the Blues—Blue never ceases to lose its popularity. This year, we’re seeing a definite trend with brighter Aegean blue paired with bright white, creating a vibrant yet still calming effect, like relaxing somewhere in the Greek Isles. Shades of softer blue-green, with a coastal feel, still have a strong following. French blue is a consistently popular paint color among shabby chic fans.

Not Quite White—Creamy white, off-white, ivory, or any white with a hint of warmth is popular. Paint manufacturers never tire of producing a spectrum of not-quite-white hues, using prefixes like “Dune, “Linen”, “Bisque”, and “China”. When you’re looking for a color that’s as neutral as possibly but adds a bit of warmth to your room, you can never go wrong with “white with attitude”.

A Woman’s Guide to the Man Cave

Categories: Blog | Posted: August 20, 2015


The man cave is a space—in the basement, garage, or somewhere that the “She” of the house allows—where a guy can be a guy. He doesn’t need coasters under his drink. He has total control over the remote. And he can eat what he wants without being reminded of his diet. He can yell at the television screen all he wants, play video games uninterrupted (theoretically), and escape the daily grind.

Women don’t understand some of the things that men want to display. They might not share the passion for sports and martial arts movies. And they probably find watching hunting and fishing shows and poker tournaments about as exciting as, well, listening about them.

But here’s the thing, ladies. Everyone needs a place to call their own, a room where they can be undisturbed. A woman might enjoy less isolation, as long as she has quiet time—reading a book by a sunny window, creating in a craft space, or relaxing with a cup of coffee on the patio. As long as she can be willfully ignored by the rest of the family, the woman of the house doesn’t need doors.

A man does.

A woman multi-tasks. A man doesn’t. So, give the guy a break—and a man cave. Here are some things you can add to his new haven, so that you enhance it without making it frilly.

Don’t say “décor”. While a man wants his man cave to look a certain way, he associates “décor” with women’s stuff. As soon as you use this word, you invade his sense of man space.

Don’t waste your energy on curtains. They don’t care what’s on the windows. Keep it simple—a fabric panel with his favorite team’s logo, window decal, or just a simple curtain with grommets that’s easy to open and close.

Let him decide where things go. As much as you might want to organize everything for him, don’t. He’s going to move things around anyway.

Toss pillows will live up to their name. While you might like pretty toss pillows, anything in the man cave will likely end up on the floor, under someone’s feet, or in some other place that will get them dirty.

Use man scents. If you want to add fragrance to the room, choose something manly. Plug-in air fresheners are best, because a man probably won’t light candles—and he definitely won’t remember to blow them out when he leaves the man cave.

Be the stocker, not a stalker. If you want to help, sneak in there and leave a bowl of snacks, preferably individually wrapped so they don’t go stale as quickly.

Bite your tongue. This is a man cave, not a family room. The primary user gets to decide how it looks, how it will be used, and when it can be entered. Ladies, keep the door and your mouth closed. On the plus side, you don’t need to clean it!

If you have a man cave, what are the rules? And what is your favorite man cave feature?

1st Annual Upper Nazareth Community Day | Tuskes Community Park

Categories: Uncategorized | Posted: August 19, 2015

Tuskes Comnunity Park | Eagles Landing | Nazareth, PA

Tuskes Comnunity Park | Eagles Landing | Nazareth, PA

Save the date! Upper Nazareth will host it’s first annual Upper Nazareth Township Community Day at Tuskes Community Park at Eagles Landing on September 5th, 2016. Residents of our popular Eagles Landing community in Upper Nazareth will not want to miss this opportunity to enjoy a day in the park with friends, neighbors and family in the heart of the community.

This family friendly community event will feature a variety of vendors, great food and beverages. $5 Unlimited rides for kids will be offered as well as live music by Jordan White and Lo and Behold. The Lehigh Valley MSBL will hold an exhibition baseball game and there will even be fireworks at 9:30 PM provided by the Upper Nazareth Fire Department! This even is rain or shine from 10:00 am – 9:00 pm. The township is still looking for volunteers to help out and can be reached by calling 610-759-5341.

Bonus Rooms: The Ultimate Flex Space?

Categories: Blog | Posted: August 13, 2015


How many ways can you use a bonus room?

Who can’t use a little extra space in their home? The bonus room has become a desirable feature for new homebuyers. With one room that’s not designated for a particular purpose, you can create the functional space that best suits your lifestyle.

How many ways can you use a bonus room?

Family/game room. If you’re tired of having toys, books, DVDs, and video game system controllers kicking around your living room, you might be ready for a family room or game room, where you can centralize the more active entertainment. Accent the space with storage spaces, like cabinetry and cubbies, to store the games and toys.

Home theater. A home theater allows you, your family, and your guests to kick back and enjoy a movie in the comfort of your home—without the high cost of tickets and concessions. Convert the bonus room by adding a large tv screen, a home theater system to deliver the audio quality, comfortable seating, and the right lighting (with dimmers, of course).

Craft space. Any crafter knows that the supplies somehow pile up and clutter makes it hard to be creative and productive. A craft room, art studio, or other creative space will have all the equipment, tools, and supplies where you can readily access and use them. Hang racks and build storage for paper, ribbons, fabrics, and yarn, or whatever your passion requires.

Man cave. The two words that can send a man into a euphoric daydreaming state. The man cave provides a private haven, where the man of the house can hide from the “Honey Do” list, enjoy a book or magazine without interruption, play poker, have the remote control all to himself, and just revel in his thoughts. A great use for a bonus room, the man cave might feature comfortable furniture (e.g., reclining sofa with cup holders), a poker or pool table, gaming system, music system, small fridge, and bar.

Home office. More people are working from home, either occasionally or full-time. A bonus room enables you to designate a home office space where you can either close yourself away to get work done, or close that work off from your personal life. The dividing line between work and living is essential to thriving in both. Make sure you can readily access the Internet from this room. And don’t forget the home office deduction on your income tax return!

Exercise room. When you have an exercise room or fitness center—as opposed to a treadmill tucked in a corner where it doubles as a clothes dryer—you’re more likely t
o utilize the value of the equipment. Install a television screen so you can entertain yourself or watch workout videos. Include a small fridge or a water dispenser to keep hydrated. Choose flooring that is both durable and easy to clean. Foam and rubber tiles provide the cushioning you need and are easily replaced when damaged.

Homework station. Avoid “The dog ate my homework” excuse when your students can organize their books and assignments in a homework station. In addition to a desk, computer, Internet access (with parental controls) and bookshelves, include bulletin boards for posting calendars, notes, and reminders. You can also use dry erase, chalkboard, or magnetic primer right on the walls to turn them into functional space. With dry erase and magnetic primer, you apply one coat and then cover with your choice of wall paint.

Guest room. A bonus room generally doesn’t include a closet, but for a guest room, you don’t need one. Just furnish the space with an armoire to allow them to hang up and store clothing. You can also use a day bed with underbed storage or a trundle bed to accommodate an extra guest.

How would will you use your bonus room?

Mudroom Design Ideas: Clean Up Your Messiest Space

Categories: Blog | Posted: August 7, 2015


The very name “mudroom” conjures up unpleasant images: piles of discarded coats, shoes, boots, socks, and scarves; a trail of dirt; backpacks that certainly hold something that should be seen, read, signed, or discussed. Your mudroom is the threshold to your family’s living space, that back door entrance that brings the outdoors in, but not all the way.

If you’re ready to take off those blinders and make sense of this area, let’s talk about cleaning up in the mudroom. To get you started, here are some design ideas for your messiest space.

First, take into consideration that the purpose of the mudroom is to provide a place where people can leave or grab things, like keys, coats, and backpacks—items that should be left near a doorway so they’re easy to find as needed. What you need is organization for that clutter, and to create a system that others can stick with.

Then, break it down into storage spaces, according to items. Hooks are great for coats, scarves, backpacks, and leashes. Place them at the appropriate height for each person and label with the name, to make it even faster to grab and go.

Cubbies are the ideal solution for a mudroom. You can choose an open cubby cabinet, and if you don’t like to see what’s shoved into each space, place a box or basket in there. Label each one with the items that should go there, like “Gloves, Hats & Mittens” and “Schoolwork”.

Doors are great on cabinets in your mudroom. You can paint them (inside or out) with chalkboard, magnetic, or whiteboard paint to create message boards. Adhere corkboard to post papers, notes, coupons, schedules, and other items you need to keep handy.

A locker room design may work well in your mudroom. Even if you don’t use a metal locker for each person, you can have a long cubby, with a small one above it. The long cabinet can store sports equipment, umbrellas, and other large items.

Place a hamper for wet, muddy, and soiled clothes, so that they aren’t shoved in a corner, dropped on the floor, or (sigh) left in a backpack.

Make a place in your mudroom to stash your keys—just don’t make it obvious, where anyone might be able to grab them. Attach hooks inside a cabinet door or place a basket out of reach of small hands.

Finally, don’t forget that your mudroom is still part of your home. Add color and décor that reflects your style. Wall sconces are a great way to add style as well as task lighting to a mudroom.

The best part about redecorating a small space is that it’s a fairly quick fix, but the results of your mudroom makeover can really brighten your home!

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