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Good Neighbor Etiquette

January 10, 2014

A home is about much more than just a house. It’s about the community. Having good neighbors helps to boost your satisfaction in your community, and ultimately your home. Have you ever taken the time to wonder what your neighbors think about YOU?!?! Chances are it’s happy thoughts IF you are following the basics of neighborhood etiquette. In this day and age of split shift work schedules, and diverse neighborhoods, etiquette can vary from place to place. Ultimately, you should know your neighborhood and neighbors enough to practice common courtesies to comfortably co-exist amongst each other. There are, however, a few basic rules of thumb when it comes to neighborhood etiquette: Children/Curfews Ever been delayed when you were in a rush due to a group of children/teenagers blocking the street either by playing or walking? It can be frustrating, and your neighbors feel this way too. Be sure your children are playing in areas that are not obstructing traffic and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS stress to children the importance of street way safety. This is not only neighborhood etiquette, but for their own safety as well. If your town/community has a curfew in place for children, it is a wise idea to make your children aware of this and to enforce it. This is also for their safety, and can save you money from fines which may be imposed if curfews are not adhered. Noise The general rule of thumb is to avoid unnecessary noise between the hours of 9:00pm and 9:00am. This can include raised voices, children playing, car engines revving, and even the lawn mower. There are of course occasions when this will not be possible (i.e. holidays or gatherings you are hosting). In these cases, you should use your best judgment, and try to stick to weekends when possible. A sleeped deprived neighbor is a cranky neighbor! Also, when hosting gatherings be sure to ask your guest to park in the driveways or in front of your home as to  not block the neighbors driveways or parking spots. Welcome New Neighbors You make don’t have to be a gourmet casserole maker or master baker in order to welcome a new neighbor to the neighborhood. A simple introduction, and sharing of services (local restarturan suggestions, emergency services, post office, schools, etc.) go a long way. Make sure your neighbor knows that they are welcomed into the community. It’s always nice to be able to greet your neighbors by name. Basic Upkeep Ever see that one home on a street that just sticks out as a eyesore? Don’t let that be you! Be sure to follow basic upkeep of your yard and home exterior. This includes keeping your lawn mowed, painting and removing mold from the exterior walls when necessary, and keeping trees, shrubs, etc. trimmed and away from your neighbors yard.  Your yard should be free of clutter and debrise. If your neighborhood has a homeowners association, be sure to follow the rules and guidelines.

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