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Happy Fathers Day from Tuskes Homes

June 13, 2012

Here at Tuskes Homes we are all about family. Tuskes Homes is built by family first and fathers from generation to generation from the ground up. For over 50 years Tuskes Homes has built quality homes that have made many memories for families to be passed for down for years. Turning a house into a home for your family is what we love doing! Fathers Day is coming up this weekend and at Tuskes Homes we would like to salute all the fathers who have played catch with us, picked us up when we fell, bandaged our cuts, read us just one more bedtime story, stood by us, been there for us always and have guided us with their wisdom. The best gift that anyone can give their dad is just some well spent time. Not only is it free, it is probably at the top of the list of gifts that a dad would want and sure beats another tie. If you are looking for something to do with dad, here are some great events happening around the Lehigh Valley this WEEKENDsome of which are free for fathers! But if you are looking for that gift to make the day extra special here are some ideas for all the fathers out there. Even for the fathers who have have it all. If he loves tools, sports, books, experiences or is extra hard to shop for…Whatever type of dad you have you will be sure to find some great ideas HERE Above all, not matter what gift you give your dad this Fathers Day don’t forget to say thanks! Tuskes Homes wishes all the fathers out there a very Happy Fathers Day! We don’t know what we would do without you!

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