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Preparing Your Children To Move

January 30, 2014

Moving is one of life’s changes, that can take a toll on us all. Specifically, moving to a new town and even more so when there are children involved. This doesn’t make your move a negative experience, however. In fact, once settled, you usually find that moving was the BEST thing to do for you and your family. Here’s a couple of tips to help your children reach that phase quickly and effortlessly. Disclose info upfront No matter the age of your child, it’s important to share info about moving with them as soon as possible. The chances of them adjusting to the move quickly are much higher when they are included in the entire process. Explain what you can, as quickly and often as you can, early in the move. Begin looking at features and amenities offered in your new community, and allow them to take part in the excitement! You may also want to make a visit to their new school/daycare early rather than later in order to give them time to adjust. Prepare for moving day Moving day can be hectic, and your child should be prepared according to their age. If you have an toddler/younger child it is a good idea to arrange for a babysitter or play date on moving day in order to keep them out of the way. Older children and teens can be great helpers in the moving process, with structured task. If you plan on having children help you on moving day be sure you communicate their task beforehand to eliminate the stress both of you will endure if you sink into sergeant mode barking orders on the day of the move! Keep old habits alive It’s fun to start new traditions when you move into your new home, but continuing with your old traditions is important as well. Make sure to keep up your family’s routine when moving into your new home. This can include dinners together, Friday night movie nights, or even visits to your favorite restaurant (although you may need to find a new favorite restaurant). Also, before moving to your new area research any activities/sports your child is involved in your new area to ensure you don’t miss any deadlines or upcoming team events. Tuskes Homes is also dedicated to make you and your families next move your best move! We will work with you to ensure you become acclimated and familiar with your new community!

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