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Why Build?

January 17, 2014

Are you first time buyer looking to achieve the significant milestone of homeownership? Are you an existing homeowner needing an upgrade from your current home in order to fit your family’s changing needs? Or maybe the kids have left the nest and you are looking to move to your “forever home”. Building a home is the best way to go, when working to fulfill your situation. The wide range of possibilities and options make building a home ideal for almost any situation. There are several advantages to building new home, rather than buying a used home. Cost The cost of building a new home is much better than buying a used home in terms of getting the most for your money. When purchasing a new home, you put the money exactly where you want it. Used homes, on the other hand, may require money to go directly into repairs and renovations in order to get the home you want. Location, Location, Location Location is everything, and you shouldn’t have to settle. If you are looking for the perfect Used Home you’ll likely have to choose between sacrificing the perfect home or the perfect location. When building, you can enjoy both. You will choose everything from your neighborhood, street, and even lot. Always wanted to live on a corner lot? Enjoy a backyard facing the east? These are all features that can be decided on before building the home of your dreams. Legacy To build a new home is to create a blank canvas for your family’s story. All of the memories within the house are your own. Homeowners who build take even more ownership and pride in their homes than those that have purchased a used home. You will never look at a spot on the floor, or a crack in the pavement wondering, “what happened here, or caused this”. Space Buying a used home can require being very crafty when it comes to space. You may find yourself needing to repurpose rooms or spaces in an effort to make the home fit your needs. This problem is completely eliminated when building a home. Building allows you to choose the floor plan that fits your needs, rather that be an office space, media room, play room for the children, etc. You can ensure all of your family’s special needs will be met prior to the first brick being laid. These are just a few of the reasons buying a home is a much better investment than purchasing a used home. If you have questions about the building process, or are interested in any of communities feel free to Contact Us today!

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