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Eagles Landing Muddy Boots Tour!

Categories: Blog, News | Posted: May 11, 2015


We are excited to introduce a BRAND NEW floor plan to our Eagles Landing neighborhood and wanted to give you up close and personal access.  We are hosting a muddy boot tour on Friday, May 15th from 4:30-6:30 PM at our Eagles Landing community, hosted by our knowledgeable Community Specialist Heather!  This home is located at 2619 English Ivy Lane, Nazareth PA 18064.  

Chapman Floor Plan at Eagles Landing

Chapman Floor Plan at Eagles Landing


What is a muddy boot tour? 

On this behind the scenes tour you will get to see the quality and attention to detail that goes into the construction of our homes, before the finishing touches are added. If you take advantage of a guided tour, you will be able to ask questions onsite and discuss customization ideas.We hope you can join us!

For More Details RSVP NOW to or by calling 484-515-5126



8 reasons why new beats used

Categories: News | Posted: March 6, 2014


With great pricing and availability today in new home communities, why would you ever buy a used home? While used homes or short sales may sound like a great deal, there are so many more reasons to buy new.

Here are 8 great reasons to consider new verses used as you dive into the housing market and become a homeowner.

1) Quality Construction: Have you ever visited an older home and noticed exterior paint pealing, floors creaking, and a slight breeze through windows or doors even when they’re closed? Each year construction methods improve. With more durable, low maintenance materials and improved building codes, a new home is more airtight and needs less overall care than their older cousins.

2) Pick Your Options: When you walk into a used home you see cabinets that aren’t your first choice, floor coverings that don’t match your tastes and more. When you purchase new, you get to sit down with an array of colors, materials, and styles to choose from in order to make a house reflect your own personal taste.

3) Cleanliness: How do you feel about old toenail clippings or what a black light might uncover as you walk across 5 year-old carpets in that “bargain” foreclosure? Not to mention the things that find their way into crevices of kitchens and bathrooms…in a new home you have the unmistakable pleasure of being the first person to live in the home. It’s truly a clean slate.

4) No Surprises: Used homes may seem like a great deal until you move in and 3 months later the hot water heater blows, the roof leaks, or the dishwasher needs to be replaced. New homes come with new appliances and guarantees.

5) Warranties: A good home builder will provide security against those surprises that happen with a used home. When you buy new you receive builders’ warranties, structural warranties, and the manufacturers warranties that come with new appliances and other materials used to construct your home.

6) Community Lifestyle: New home communities are designed with community in mind. Many have the benefits of walking trails, parks, playgrounds, swimming pools and other amenities that bring the community together. Since everyone in the neighborhood is new you get to take advantage of making new friends and shaping the neighborhood and your lifestyle at the same time.

7) Energy Efficiency: With current industry standards pushing toward greater energy efficiency and smaller environmental footprints, homes are being built with everything from Low-E windows to low flow toilets to reduce consumption and keep bills down. Older homes do not have the benefit of these technologies.

8) No Updating Nightmares: Older homes often look like a good deal if you could just move that wall, put in better lighting, and gut the hot pink bathroom. What you don’t realize is a small project can get out of hand quickly when you peal back the surface. With a new home you can get involved in the process, choose your options and layouts upfront and get what you want the first time through.

These are just 8 of many reasons why new beats out used every time.

New Construction in Nazareth Schools for ONLY $289,900

Categories: News | Posted: May 10, 2012

Don’t miss this chance to own a NEW Home with all the “FUN” stuff for only $289,900!  Tuskes Homes is offering the Chapman model on the last homesite in Creekside Estates.  Private tree-lined lot on Fieldview Dr.  Home features Granite Countertops, Hardwood Floors, Stainless Steel Appliances, 9′ basement ceilings and tons more.   Call Eileen at (610)-691-1777 for more information.

Chapman - Tuskes Homes

Tuskes Homes’ raises $12,000 for the Lasso Family

Categories: News | Posted: October 17, 2011

Tuskes Homes is proud to partner with many local businesses to raise money for the family of Fallen Police Officer, Robert Lasso.

Express Times Sasso

Why Buy New

Categories: News | Posted: September 20, 2011

That is the question.  Get all your answers and more here.


Save the Date- New Model Grand Opening

Categories: News | Posted: August 5, 2011

Tuskes Homes is pleased to announce the Grand Opening date for their newest model home, The Monocacy.  Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 12, 2012 for an afternoon filled with fun!



“Lifestyle Choice”

Categories: News, Uncategorized | Posted: August 5, 2011

“Lifestyle Choice”

It has been reaffirmed that Tuskes Homes buyers are purchasing there “ New Home” based on Lifestyle choices such as fresh designs, outstanding standard amenities, and fantastic community locations.  Visit the model home to explore the possibilities!

Energy Star is HERE!

Categories: News, Uncategorized | Posted: April 26, 2011


We’ve recently completed and sold our first Energy Star certified home, and we are in the process of constructing two additional homes.

To meet Energy Star qualification, a builder must meet stringent efficiency guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency and be independently reviewed by a third party professional.   Energy Star homes are quieter, help protect the environment, generate lower utility costs and are a smart investment.   Ask how Tuskes Homes can save you money on an Energy Star qualified home.


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