Tuskes Homes Story: The #Lot8ers

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Tuskes Homes presents… The #Lot8ers

If there’s one thing you learn after three generations of building homes, it’s that a home is made from more than brick and stone; it is also made from memories and laughter. It’s our homeowners that make our communities what they truly are: a place for your journey to unfold.

Anyone can build a house, but to build a home takes heart. When we handcraft our homes, we do it with one thing in mind—you. We know that home is where your story begins. We know it’s not just where you’ll hang your hat, but it’s where you’ll make and share memories for years to come. It might be messy or clean, modern or classic, big or small—no matter what, it’s a place that reflects your personality inside and out. After all, home is where the heart is, and we believe your new home should be crafted with as much care as you’ll put into it when you’re there.

We take the time to get to know our homeowners so we can learn more about your needs and can craft a home that fits your lifestyle. The Walter family, lovingly known as the #lot8ers, chose our Hanover Oaks community in Bethlehem. We’ll take you through their journey from breaking ground to moving in, so stay tuned to learn more about their Tuskes Homes Story!



Alyssa Pascarosa

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