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4 MORE Reasons New Homes are Better

May 21, 2014

There are plenty of reasons that owning a home is preferable to renting—investment, tax advantages, mortgage is often cheaper than rent. Once you make the choice, you have to then decide between buying a new home or opting for a resale. Each one has its advantages, but I was recently reading an article that offered up “The Not-So-Obvious Benefits of Buying a New Home” by the National Association of Home Builders—and I thought I’d share the insights.
  1.     Grow with a community. When you move into a community of new homes, you join a growing neighborhood where people are building relationships. Rather than become the new kid on the block in an area where those bonds have already been formed by longtime neighbors, you can connect with many newcomers like yourself. In addition, new communities usually feature common areas, like walking paths and recreational facilities, where you can meet your neighbors in a casual, leisurely atmosphere.
  2.     Planned for parties. New construction reflects the most desirable home design—the open floor plan. Today’s homeowners want open spaces that allow easy flow from room to room, particularly for entertaining and quality family time. With higher ceilings, more windows, and spacious rooms, new homes incorporate more of the features you want.
  3.    The “new home” smell. Imagine pulling into a newly paved driveway and walking into your home where everything is brand, spanking new. You don’t have to worry about how the previous homeowner serviced the appliances or whether the builder used quality materials in the parts you can’t see. You have a builder’s warranty, and all of your appliances, systems, roof, and flooring are covered by warranty. That’s peace of mind that doesn’t come with a resale.
  4.     Plugged into your needs—and vice versa. New homes are wired with today’s lifestyle needs in mind. Computers, televisions, DVRs, wireless routers, multiple small kitchen appliances, and even a wine cooler on your patio—they all need electrical outlets. Home builders recognize that we want to plug in without running extension cords, so they’re wiring new homes to accommodate this essential feature.
Plus, you can customize your new home without searching for contractors. Your builder will take care of the details, from the wall coverings, plumbing and light fixtures to your landscaping. The reasons for buying a new home keep adding up. For the lifestyle you deserve and the value you want, you can’t go wrong with new construction by a quality home builder.

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