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5 bathroom design trends for 2014

May 14, 2014

Bathroom design has evolved from utilitarian to luxurious, with today’s homeowners opting for a spa experience in their own home. The bathroom has become larger and commanding of more attention when it comes to design. Bathroom wall treatments, flooring, lighting, and plumbing fixture choices are now more diverse than ever. So what’s trending in 2014?
  1.      The freestanding bathtubs and vanities. The clawfoot tub has made a comeback, and contemporary shapes of soaking tubs are emerging. The whirlpool bath with the deck surround is passé as homeowners now opt for more shapes in their bathrooms, including the freestanding vanity and more innovative sink styles.
  2.    Custom showers. The shower has undergone the greatest design change in the bathroom. Frameless, threshold-free showers are not only sleek looking, but practical (no tripping). Shower heads come in a broad range of choices—including waterfall and multi-jet—and homeowners are looking for larger showers, with two shower heads and seating., and steam showers are really hot, too!
  3.     Earth colors. A reflection of the spa ambience in today’s bathrooms, the color trend has shifted to earthy tones of brown, tan, gray, and soft green and blue hues.
  4.     Sophisticated lighting. Traditional lighting? Gone. Look for pendant lights and even chandeliers to add more style to bathroom design, as well as no-shadow lighting. New homes are integrating more natural light, with skylights and larger windows.
  5.    Radiant floors and area rugs. More attention is being paid to the floors in bathroom design these days. Larger tiles that require less grout are desirable because of the reduced maintenance. A heated floor provides a welcome alternative to the cold tile. Area rugs have also found their way into the bathroom, adding a layer of color, style, and warmth.
Function doesn’t have to be dull. With so many ways to turn your bathroom into a spa retreat, get creative!

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