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A Guide To Home Security

April 9, 2015

The advancement of technology isn’t merely boosting our computers, smartphones, and home electronics, but delivering a convenient, affordable method for home protection. A home security system that features 24-hour monitoring provides peace of mind, but you should be sure that the system you choosing is providing the type and degree of protection you want. A professional can run the wires in a few hours. Or you my be able to opt for a wireless home security system that works off a cellular signal. The wired systems are more secure, and is often a benefit of new construction. You also need to be clear on the level of security you need. Do you have an elderly or impaired person in the home who would benefit from a wearable alert when they need help? If so, ask your home security system provider if they offer medical monitoring services. Do you have pets that might set off a motion sensor? A system that is triggered too easily and frequently might cause you to ignore the alarm when an actual intruder sets it off. Surveillance security cameras have become a popular option for homeowners. You can capture unwanted visitors on video, and the presence of the cameras is often a enough of a deterrent to protect your home. You can also install sensors that will sound an alert in the case of smoke, carbon monoxide, or broken glass. Next, contact your insurance provider to find out if there are any discounts on your home insurance premium if you install a home security system. This could save you a good amount every year. Finally, remember that a security system only works when you are consistent. Make sure it is enabled. Sometimes, there is even an “app for that” so you can arm the system while away from your house if you forget.  

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