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Easy Halloween Decoration Ideas

October 3, 2018

Create a festive scene at home with these easy DIY decorations. 

If you want to get your home ready for Halloween, but you're scared of how much time and money decorating can require, have no fear. These 10 creative Halloween decoration ideas are both easy to make and won't take a bite out of your candy budget. To start, look around your home to discover all of the little spots that could use a festive touch—staircases, entry console tables, and lampshades are all fair game. Then, pull out the craft glue and pipe cleaners to make these simple DIY decoration ideas. 

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a Halloween mantel. Look around your house for old books, vintage accessories, and candles. Then add a few Halloween-specific accents like stuffed owls or skeletons to complete the look. For this mantel, a small trunk is displayed with a few vintage finds—moss, netting, and toy animals make it even creepier. 

Console Table
Create a Halloween-themed vignette on a console or side table, whether it’s in your entry hall, living room, or dining room. The elegant black-and-white palette in this spot helps it blend with the rest of the room. Plus, the jewels on the black pumpkin and gold accents on the wall art lend the space a bit of shine.

All you need to create this spooky staircase are black paper, pumpkins, and a fake skull. Cut out spiders from black paper and stick them along the staircase walls. Display the pumpkins on the stairs and the skull on the stair’s newel post.

Gallery Wall
If you’re a fan of the gallery wall trend, try a Halloween-themed one. You don’t have to buy expensive art—you can make most of it yourself. The striped spider art is made with scrapbook paper and a plastic spider that was spray-painted silver. And the taxidermy is made by cutting the head off a fake crow from the craft store and gluing it onto a wooden plaque.

The lace on these hanging ghost decorations gives them a vintage feel. Get some lace scraps at the fabric store and wrap them around foam balls. Then place black sewing pins on the heads of the ghosts for little “eyes.”

If you have some old pillows around the house, use them for this quick Halloween project. Wrap white muslin stripes around the pillow and secure with glue. Then glue eyeballs made of black and white felt to the pillow.

Porch Light
With three different-sized embroidery hoops, paper or foam bats, black craft paint, and black string, you can dress up your plain porch light for Halloween. Paint the hoops black and attach them together with string to create a chandelier effect, then hang the bats off the hoops.

If you don’t feel like going all out when it comes to Halloween decorating, this idea is subtle, yet still festive. Surprise your guests by adding little spooky accents to your lamps. The spiders are made from black yarn, black pipe cleaners, and buttons.

An empty corner is the perfect spot to create an eerie vignette. Hang witches’ hats from the ceiling and prop a broomstick on the wall. The best part? This décor idea will take you fewer than 15 minutes to complete.

Add some spooky objects to your bookshelves for a quick Halloween-themed makeover. The spider webs are made from wax paper, craft glue, and glitter. You can get creative by adding pumpkins, fake spiders and birds, and branches.

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