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New City, New Adventure!

October 23, 2014

Tips for moving to a new city Moving to a new home is both exciting and scary, particularly when you’re leaving a familiar area and moving to a new city. You’re leaving behind the people and places that are important to you, and wondering if you’ll find something as good—if not better—in your new town or city. As you prepare to make the big move, here are some tips for moving to a new city.
  1. Map it out. Go online to look at the area around your new home. Familiarize yourself with the street names. Use Google Maps to find the best route for your commute. See how far you are from area attractions and services.
  2. Find the hot spots. Go to Yelp or Citysearch to search for restaurants, shops, services, and attractions. Read the reviews and make a list of those you want to check out when you get settled into your new home.
  3. Pursue your passion. Look for groups and clubs that share your enthusiasm for specific activities, hobbies, recreation, and other ways to fill your free time. Visit Meetup, check out the local adult education programs, or visit the shops where you might purchase the equipment and supplies for that interest; they usually host groups, clubs, classes, or all of the above.
  4. Ask your social media connections for ideas. This is a great time to survey your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections, and other social media communities. Ask about places to go in your new city. Look for connections who live near there to see if you might meet. Also ask about places to avoid, and when and where traffic and parking is a nightmare.
  5. Get out of the house. Don’t sit at home reading a book when you can relax in a coffee shop or café. Eat your lunch in a park where you might meet interesting people. Take a walk along the beach, riverfront, or downtown market area. And while you’re out there, strike up a conversation with someone—a cashier, cab driver, someone picnicking like you, or another patron in the café. You might learn something new about the city you now call “home”.
  6. Play tourist. Visit the places where visitors go when they’re in this city. You’ll learn about the region’s heritage and discover what you’ll want to share when you have your own visitors.

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