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Popular choices for outdoor kitchen countertops

September 8, 2016

Granite countertops are here to stay. Well, that’s partially true. There’s no denying that granite is naturally beautiful and durable. While granite is still the most popular material for kitchen countertops, today’s homeowners are open to other choices for their outdoor living spaces. Here are some other popular choices when it comes to taking cooking outdoors: Quartz A quartz countertop is actually engineered from a combination of ground quartz stone and about 10% resin. The surface looks very much like granite, but doesn’t require re-sealing. Engineered quartz resists heat, stains, scratches, bacteria, and mold, too, making it maintenance-free. Marble This natural stone is as lovely as granite, and the color palette is just as broad. Because marble is porous, it is sensitive to stains and scratching, so be prepared to provide some extra TLC for your stunning marble countertops. Soapstone Soapstone has a unique look, much softer than the sleekness of granite and marble. It is non-porous, making it a wonderful countertop material that is resistant to stains. Bear in mind though, that soapstone offers a limited number of color choices and contains a high concentration of talcum (yes, the powder), so it can scratch and chip. Wood If you love the natural beauty of wood, why not use it on your kitchen counters? It’s a great match for the kitchen workspace. Wood countertops are ideal in a country or cottage style home. You can even mix a wood countertop—like a butcher block center island—with other kitchen counter materials. Recycled We love this eco-friendly choice! You have so many options with this blended surface. Recycled glass, composite, concrete, and even paper pulp are being used to create stunning kitchen countertops. Stainless Steel There’s a reason that commercial kitchens are outfitted with stainless steel counters. You can put any sizzling skillet or hot pot directly on the surface without worrying about damage. Yes, it will scratch, dent, and show fingerprints. But it also doesn’t stain, is easy to clean, and will outlive you. Concrete No, it doesn’t look like your garage floor. Concrete countertops can be artfully customized with colored stains and even textures, giving your kitchen a contemporary look, with the durability and energy-efficiency of concrete, which absorbs heat and releases it later when the interior temperature needs it.

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