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The Backsplash: Beauty and Function

July 3, 2014

Back when retro wasn’t yet retro, the kitchen backsplash was a functional feature that protected the wall from splattering messes that were a natural occurrence during food prep and clean-up. Today, the kitchen backsplash runs the gamut of creative styles and materials. While it still functions as providing a layer of protection, this wall treatment has evolved to become more about aesthetics and personal style. Retro, Tuscan, French, contemporary, country, sleek—whatever look you’re striving for, you can achieve with the seemingly endless array of choices. Some homeowners like the backsplash to be a continuation of the countertop. Others prefer contrast. You can choose a subtle backsplash or make a vibrant statement. When planning your kitchen backsplash, you need to decide whether you want a partial or full wall of coverage. One of the great things about a kitchen backsplash is that installation isn’t a major overhaul, but packs a big change in the look and feel of the room. Backsplash tiles come in so many different materials, colors, and textures that you can certainly find the look you want. Porcelain and ceramic tile are ideal for the kitchen backsplash because they are not only attractive, but the slick surface makes for easy clean-up, too. Mosaic, subway, and penny tiles fall into this category, which is very popular with homeowners because they’re so easy to install and maintain. You might also consider the option of natural stone, like marble, granite, and quartz. Travertine creates a beautiful backsplash! For any of these options, you can further customize the look by your choice of tile grout, which, like everything else, comes in many colors. Stainless steel panels and tiles have become popular in today’s kitchens. The metal is a logical accent to the stainless steel appliances. You can choose from smooth and sleek to textures and patterns to customize your kitchen backsplash. The conventional backsplash is no longer conventional. Talk to your builder about ideas for customizing your kitchen with a wall treatment that makes the kind of splash you want.

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