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Wallpaper vs. Paint: Can they live in harmony?

April 23, 2014

The choice of wallpaper versus paint has always been a dilemma for homeowners. Just like dog lovers versus crazy cat people, one side is firm on their favorite. The truth is that both wallpaper and paint have pros and cons, but you can leverage the benefits for creating the perfect atmosphere for a room. You don’t have to choose one or the other. Wallpaper adds texture and pattern to a room, and it’s more durable than paint (as long as you buy good wallpaper). Be sure you pick a pattern that you can expect the to outlast the style trends. Wallpaper, however, is more expensive than paint and will probably require the services of a professional wallpaper hanger to avoid mistakes and waste. Conversely, paint is less expensive and can be applied without the help of a professional. You also can achieve a wide range of textures and patterns using a variety of paint colors and types. It’s also very easy to paint over a painted surface when you want to make a quick change to a room’s decor, while painting over wallpaper is not recommended. A house that is not totally committed to paint or wallpaper has a more inviting atmosphere. The blending of wallpaper’s patterns—from subtle to bold—in combination with the power of paint’s color ranges can live in harmony in a home. Whether you change your wallcovering choice from one room to the next or combine them in the same room, using accent walls, you can achieve the look of an interior designer’s touch.

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