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Best Gifts for Homeowners

Best Gifts for Homeowners

With the holidays coming up, now is a great time to start on your gift list. While it can seem overwhelming to find the perfect item for someone special in your life, gift-giving doesn’t have to be so difficult. In fact, there’s a plethora of awesome options for the homeowners in your life! Below, we’ve curated the most sought-after presents that would look great in any home.

For the tech-savvy homeowners…
Give the gift of nonstop peace of mind with a Ring doorbell! These doorbells provide smart security for any home and are extremely easy to install. You won’t be burdening the recipient with the hassle of installing a super intricate system. This is a great gift for new homeowners, parents, grandparents, etc. 

Another techy option is a Nest Learning Thermostat. Again, this gift involves minimal installation, and the thermostat programs itself after a week of use. Plus, this thermostat can be accessed from an app and will ultimately save the recipient money on their energy bill. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!

Finally, we suggest giving the gift of a voice-controlled virtual assistant, like Amazon’s Alexa. Not only is this great for playing music but users can create shopping lists, order items, and more with Alexa. Perfect for families, young couples, grandparents– anyone can find a good use for Alexa! 

For the foodies who gather in the kitchen…
If home is where the heart is, the kitchen is most certainly where true love can be found. If you know someone who loves spending time in the kitchen, then you have an endless amount of great gift options to choose from! If you’re buying for a family, give them some fun breakfast tools; like a pancake griddle, complete with fun pancake molds! Throw in some local syrup or honey and make a nice gift basket out of it. 

There are also plenty of food subscription boxes to gift to friends and family. From hot sauces and wine to chocolates and cheese, the options are endless. A blank recipe book is another option; you can fill in some of your favorite recipes and include a few ingredients or tools to give the recipient a starting point!

For the outdoorsy folks…
If you’re stuck on what to give someone, try thinking outside the home. Specifically, if they have a backyard or porch area! From a nice firepit to comfortable lawn chairs, these practical items might not jump out as ‘holiday gifts’ but they’re sure to be loved and appreciated; more so than a generic scarf or lotion set! 

Better yet, if you know someone who has a firepit, consider some fun accessories they may need for it; roasting sticks and ingredients for s’mores are always a great starting point. Depending on where you are, the holidays may not mean cold weather for you… lawn games and gardening tools can also make great gifts!

For those who need a helping hand…
Finally, there is no better gift than a clean and tidy home– especially for busy families or folks who are on the go. In this case, a Roomba is an excellent option; who wouldn’t want a cute little robot to vacuum for them? You can also curate a personalized gift basket for your favorite homeowner, complete with fun cleaning supplies and goodies; throw in some fun self-care items as well (think: bath bombs, cozy mugs, a good book) so they remember to take care of themselves along with their home! 

Remember, if you’re stuck on what to give someone, take a gander around your own home! What are some items you wish you had to spruce the place up and make it feel even cozier? Consider your recipient’s personality, style, and particular interests– from there, it shouldn’t be hard to find the perfect something!


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