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Top Bathroom Trends for 2022

Top Bathroom Trends for 2022

The past few years have brought significant changes in how people view their homes. Spending more time in the house has accelerated homeowners’ desires to create ideal living spaces for themselves and their families. On the top of that list is one of the most high-trafficked rooms in the house: the bathroom. There’s a lot to consider when building or remodeling a bathroom. Here are the top trends we’ve seen to guide homeowners’ plans as we head into 2022.

Revamping the Shower
Open showers, as well as alcove or free-standing tubs, are being favored over shower stalls. As more options become available – from tile material to tub color and shape – people are getting a bit more creative with their showering and bathing fixtures.
But upgrading your shower doesn’t always require construction work. Instead of tearing out and updating the entire shower, consider instead upgrading just the showerhead. Rain showerheads, hand-held features, and even installing a second showerhead can transform the experience without breaking the bank.

Using Large-Format Tiles
Stained, grimy, mildewy bathroom grout is out. Large-format tiles with minimal grout (and minimal maintenance) are all the rage and for a good reason. Larger tiles, especially natural materials such as stone, look both minimal and luxurious and have far fewer grout lines to clean. Additionally, fewer grout lines to distract your eyes actually makes the room seem bigger, which is helpful if homeowners don’t plan to expand the footprint of their existing bathroom.

Add Some Color
Many people are opting for bolder colors like charcoal or blue and are incorporating new materials like marble into their countertops, walls, bathtubs, and floors. Neutral colors beyond white are becoming increasingly popular as well. These combinations create a stark contrast to the traditional white-and-bright bathrooms of the past.Contrasting colors or patterns can make bathrooms much more visually appealing, especially when you combine different types of tiles in the same space. However, white finishes still tend to be a top choice for homeowners, so it’s essential to make sure the colors you use can work nicely with whites.

Built-In Storage – Not So Important
Storing hair care products, soap, and other shower accessories can be a pain. Built-in storage cubbies have been used to solve that problem for a long time. But more and more, homeowners are considering other options. Storage that drains and dries well – as opposed to cubbies that hold water and, ultimately, mold – is key here. Some alternate options include a built-in or free-standing (waterproof) bench, which provides seating and storage. Ample storage elsewhere in the bathroom is a must and can house the lesser-used products or other accessories. A clutter-free shower is certainly more relaxing.

Bathrooms are becoming places of luxury and relaxation. Every design trend we’ve seen is aimed at making the bathroom more visually appealing and comfortable. Instead of purely functional, bathrooms are turning into aesthetic fixtures in the home.


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