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Adding a Personal Touch to Your New Home

Adding a Personal Touch to Your New Home

If you’re building a house, congratulations! That means you’re one step closer to living in a dream home. One of the most exciting parts of building your own home is adding your personal touch! Now’s the time to pull out that dream home list and start making it happen.

The Tuskes Homes Design Studio allows you to personalize the interior and exterior of your home in a way no other builder in the area can offer. The only one of its kind in the Lehigh Valley, our Design Studio offers 3,000 square feet of design options, allowing you to customize every aspect of your home. Select the perfect flooring, cabinets, granite countertops, lighting, and more. Our dedicated design consultant will walk you through the process and show you personalized selections that fit every budget and lifestyle, so you can cross off every item on your wish list.

Start Walking on Sunshine Every Day
Since we’re building this home from the ground up, let’s kick this off by focusing on your flooring. Are you a big fan of gorgeous hardwood floors? Pick a wood grain and stain that you adore (and goes well with your furniture). Oak is a classic, but you have a wide array of options and designs here. Do you like sinking into soft carpet when you wake up in the morning? We offer the perfect carpet for bedrooms, dens, and any other area of your home that needs some extra coziness.

Unlike with an inventory home or renting a home, you aren’t stuck with floors you can’t stand. No need to replace old carpet or scuffed tiling when you’re building your own home. Play around with different flooring materials until you find one that matches your style.

Let There Be Light
Lighting can be a polarizing thing. People don’t always agree on lighting types based on personal aesthetic or room design. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about having too little lighting or obnoxious fixtures on the ceiling.

Go as elaborate or minimal as you like here. Choose from decorative chandeliers, functional lighted ceiling fans, or recessed ceiling lights. You can even have electrical boxes installed to add cool features, like under-counter lighting in the kitchen or lit glass cabinets. Just make sure you specify all of this to your builder so that they won’t run into trouble later on.

Pick a Counter You Can Count On
Nobody’s ever said, “There’s just too much counter space in that kitchen.” When building your home, I sure hope you’re designing ample space for the kitchen counters. With that out of the way, another place to add a personal touch to your home’s design is the countertops.

There are so many options here: granite, quartz, concrete (a surprisingly popular trend), laminate, solid surfacing, and even butcher-block wood. Some look flashier than others, perfect for those of us who love hosting. Some can take a beating without wearing down, great for super active cooks or people who drop things.

Your Favorite Hardware, Everywhere
Kitchen cabinet handles, doorknobs, closet doors, window shades, and drawers… When you stop and think about it, there’s an absurd amount of hardware in every home. Though the sheer number may make a trip to the hardware store seem daunting, the personalization makes it worth the effort.

This is your home, and there are no hardware limits. You have complete control over every cabinet, every drawer, and even every door. They will all open and close with whatever hardware you like the most. Unlike with other home features, it’s not really possible to pick the “wrong” piece of hardware. A cabinet knob fits on any cabinet, and a drawer will pull out whether you’re using a brass handle or a cutout. So seriously, get a little crazy here.

These are just some of the endless decisions that go into building a new home. Tuskes Homes provides a safe and comfortable environment where you can navigate through your selection options without feeling overwhelmed. We provide an expansive selection of high-quality options and let you mix and match finishes to achieve the color palette of your dreams. We’ll help you match your design selections to your personal tastes and styles, so your new home will feel uniquely yours. It’s all part of the Tuskes Touch!


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