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Thanksgiving Hosting Tips for 2020

Thanksgiving Hosting Tips for 2020

Like it or not, we’ve become used to things looking a little different this year than we’re used to. The holidays are no exception, and many are wondering what the do’s and don’ts of entertaining during a global pandemic should entail. You might be sticking close to home this year instead of traveling and have less people around the table than usual, but that doesn’t mean your Thanksgiving has to be a bust. We’ve put together some tips for hosting a smart and safe Thanksgiving at your home.

Take it Outside
The weather in Eastern Pennsylvania can be unpredictable at best during the late fall and winter, but we are occasionally blessed with unseasonably warm days. If it’s nice enough consider entertaining outdoors as much as possible. Schedule mealtime for early in the day to maximize the amount of natural light as our hours of sunlight dwindle. Consider leaving your deck or patio furniture out a little longer than usual so you’ll have a comfortable place to relax and enjoy your guests company. Many home improvement stores are having end of Summer sales on outdoor seating and tables, and you can always enjoy them again next Spring when the weather turns again. If having your meal outside isn’t an option, open windows in your dining area to provide as much ventilation as possible.

Limit Your Guest List
The safest way to go about your celebration is to keep your Thanksgiving dinner to members of your immediate household. If you can’t live without some extended family or friends coming by to share the meal, then the next round of guests should be people you routinely interact with. Remember, it’s totally fair to set limits when it comes to your family’s health and well being.

Clean Those Hands!
We all know that washing our hands frequently is an effective way to stay healthy. Stock your bathroom with nice smelling soaps, hand sanitizers, and paper towels. It will make this mundane task feel a little extra special if your hands feel fabulous after you disinfect!

Serving Your Meal
It may go against reducing your carbon footprint, but this year it makes a lot of sense to embrace single single-use utensils, plates, napkins, and cups. There are tons of eco-friendly products to choose from that will help you feel a little better about using disposable dinnerware. Bamboo, palm leaf, fiber, and even corn starch can be used to create dining sets that break down more quickly after being thrown away. One huge bonus of this is not having as many dishes to clean up after you’re done eating!

When it comes to the food, let one person serve themselves at a time to reduce people crowding around serving areas. You might even consider having one person dish everything out or pre-plate meals. 

For seating arrangements, spread your guests out, especially if you have people from more than one household over. At this point we are used to practicing social distancing when dining and it’s a simple way to keep everyone as safe as possible.

However you’re deciding to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, we wish you and your family a fun, festive, and safe holiday. Cheers!


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