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Coming Soon Homes

Coming Soon Homes

While the last few years have had plenty of unpredictable twists and turns, one thing no one saw coming was the demand for new construction soaring to heights we've never seen before. Low interest rates combined with people redefining what they want out of a home are just a few factors that have contributed to the unprecedented real estate market.

Unfortunately the cost of materials needed to build a home have skyrocketed along with the increased demand. The main reason for the drastic increase in homebuilding costs is that many, perhaps most, of the materials used to build homes are more expensive than they were a year or two ago. In some cases, they are MUCH more expensive. These increases are the result of numerous factors, including supply chain disruptions and labor shortages.

Before the construction world got turned upside down we were able to accurately predict the cost of a home as soon as the specifications were chosen, however those days appear to be over for the foreseeable future. In order to control what we can for our company while still providing our homeowners a exceptional experience, we've increased production of Quick Delivery Homes and are waiting until material costs are locked in before announcing the listing. 

What is a Quick Delivery Home?

A Quick Delivery Home (also referred to as a Quick Move-in Home, Spec Home or Inventory Home) is a pre-selected design we've chosen to start building before the homesite has been purchased. Our Design and Construction Teams pre-select our most popular floorplans, upgrades, and finishes before the home has been sold, allowing us to have a quicker move-in date than a "to be built" home in the same community.

In the past, we would announce our Quick Move-in homes before construction began. Shorter build times along with more predictable costs for building materials allowed us to price the home as soon as it was approved to be built. With the price of lumber, cement, copper, paint, appliances, etc. fluctuating without notice, we are now waiting to price a home until our material costs are locked in. Quick Delivery Homes eliminate the need for escalation clauses that have become the new norm for to-be-built homes by allowing us to have more control over our construction costs and give our buyers security, so you can spend less time worrying about material costs and more time getting excited about your new dream home!

"Coming Soon" Homesites

If you take a look at a community's interactive site map, you'll see a "coming soon" status marked in yellow, which means that homesite will be "home" to an upcoming quick delivery! Once construction commences and our costs are set in stone, pricing will be released and home will be listed and available for sale.

Due to the scorching hot real estate market these homes don't stay on the market for very long, so the best way to have the opportunity to purchase a quick delivery home is to set up an appointment with a New Home Specialist, who can give you all the details about a coming soon home except for the price. During this appointment you can walk the homesite, review the floorplan, see the design selections, and even go on a preview appointment at our Design Studio before the home hits the market.

Then once pricing is announced, you'll sign an Agreement of Sale and be on your way to owning a brand new Tuskes Home!

Ready to get Started?

Model home visits are available by appointment only, so the best way to start your new home search is by contacting us to connect with a New Home Specialist. With communities throughout the Lehigh Valley and Poconos, we have the perfect place for you to call home. 

Contact us to set up your appointment today. We can't wait to welcome you home!


We hope you are having as much fun following this family and their home story as much as we have. Follow them to our Design Studio and get a sneak peek at their home in progress. We can't to show you the big reveal in Part III!

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